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Creativity – like the human experience itself – is best when it follows a clear and compelling vision.


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Online Marketing Agency Toronto | Digital Marketing Services – Catherine Maxwell & Associates

Catherine Maxwell & Associates is a full-service online marketing agency in Toronto. We provide all the digital marketing services you need for your business grow and thrive. The support we provide enables you to market your business more efficiently by fine-tuning your marketing process so it works for you 24-7.  This turn-key approach to marketing focuses on putting the key systems in place so you can earn even when you are sleeping.

From custom web design, SEO, reputation marketing, video to social media and beyond, we have you covered with exceptional, personalized services. You work less and enjoy more income when you utilize the marketing services of Catherine Maxwell & Associates.

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Passion is the magical force that unleashes the creativity within. When you are as passionate about results as we are, then taking risks becomes part of the process.

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Our articles are where we review, dissect, teach and demonstrate the essential tools you will need to be productive and profitable online.

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We build your compelling story into a winning design and deliver it to the right audience. From videos, social media campaigns and interactive marketing experiences, to mobile applications and e-commerce solutions, we match your story with the right medium to create a winning brand.

“Creativity involves rising above established norms so we can look at things differently.”


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