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My name is Catherine Maxwell. I began specializing in online marketing strategies about 20 years ago. Over that time, I developed a simple formula for traditional business owners that, when repeated every month, consistently builds top brands and produces raving fans on social media and review sites.

This full service system has been tested and proven to work across all industries. No fluff. Just a straight to the point, proven formula for building your business, so you can be in the enviable position of having a long wait list for your services, with clients boosting your reputation on social media channels.

Brand Development

Why I'm sharing this with you? It's simple. I want your business to make lots of money and be wildly successful. While it took me countless hours, lots of stress and effort, I did finally crack the code to building a solid and sustainable brand. Now, I have no problem thinking you could do the same thing on your own. But why? Wouldn't you rather pay professionals to shave hours off your learning curve and take all those marketing hassles off your hands?


If your website is not generating the kind of business you deserve – it's because you've been told all the wrong things about it. It's like you've been given the wrong combination to a safe. No matter how hard you work... unless you know the right combination that thing won't budge. It needs to serve as a suitor on your behalf – courting visitors the moment they arrive, building trust and engaging them correctly.

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Beautifully seductive, elegantly phrased – I'm talking about the right message, at the right time, in the right place. It can make all the difference. Many businesses make a mistake with their logo and messaging and instead of getting it right the first time, they figure they'll perfect it over time. Take the time to get it right because you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

Mobile Applications
Design & Development

Is it possible to build a mobile app that's customized for your business and actually builds brand loyalty? You bet. Even though all our websites are mobile-friendly, sometimes you just need a simple version of your site that can take your customer engagement to the next level.


If you have ever said to yourself there's got to be a better way ... you're right. When it comes to optimizing your website and videos so they're on the first page of Google, you need professionals who know what to do – and what NOT to do. First we make your message come alive, then, we make sure everyone alive can see it.

Reputation Marketing

Are you getting excited yet? Well it gets even better. Months of research have resulted in a customer feedback software system that automatically turns your client feedback into 5-star reviews. The result is "FEEDBACK CONCIERGE" - a system that enables you to get the testimonials your clients are hoping for when they search for reviews online. And you get to look like a HERO.

& Keynote SPEAKER

You'll love what I'm about to tell you. Why? Because everyone wants to learn the best-kept secrets to expanding their presence online. I share these time-tested strategies with business owners, and they're invaluable to those who are eager to learn. They become empowered to rethink what they're currently doing - and since everyone wants an advantage over the competition – that's what they get – a huge advantage.