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Creativity – like the human experience itself – is best when it follows a clear and compelling vision.


Who We Are

Catherine Maxwell & Associates is a Creative Marketing Services Agency, based in Toronto, Ontario. We are part of the Maxmeda Web Solutions Inc. Group and Learning Systems, worldwide.

We love helping small to mid-sized business owners within North America to optimize, socialize, and monetize their marketing process online – so they can make money while they sleep.

Our goal is to reset the controls of their marketing process from manual to auto-pilot, 24-7,  so they can dedicate more time to the things that fuel their passion.

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What We Do

It’s simple. We strive to create moments that drive consumers to act by planning, crafting, and launching brand experiences with formulas that monetize. Our mission is to help business owners become leaders in their field so their ideas, products, and services get seen, talked about, and shared.

Our Work

Passion is the magical force that unleashes the creativity within. When you are as passionate about results as we are, then taking risks becomes part of the process.

Our Work


Here is where we review, dissect, teach and demonstrate the essential tools you will need to be productive and profitable online.

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Our Services

We build your compelling story into a winning design and deliver it to the right audience. From videos, social media campaigns and interactive marketing experiences, to mobile applications and e-commerce solutions, we match your story with the right medium to create a winning brand.

“Creativity involves rising above established norms so we can look at things differently.”


Print/Web Design/Development

SEO & Content Optimization

UI and UX Design Services

Video Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Content Writing Services

Email Marketing Services

Sales Funnels/Online Marketing

Mobile App Design/Development


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