“Insecure Website” Warnings

HTTPS is a hot topic among business owners who want the future of the web to become more secure. It is not just for the good for the internet, but it also increases their own company’s visibility and lowers the chances of being penalized.

The major search engines are stepping up efforts to encourage website owners to implement SSL (https) certificates. Google Chrome and Firefox have been showing warnings of an INSECURE WEBSITE from October onward if visitors use one of their login, contact forms, search bars, and so forth. In the future, Google will increasingly be blacklisting sites without an SSL or HTTPS certificate installed.

With the development of a basic https encryption certificate, (not appropriate for e-commerce sites) it is easier than ever for us to install an SSL certificate and begin offering HTTPS versions of their sites. Now we offer an open SSL certificate using our security services, and a “pay-the-installation-only” certificate for customers who want to solve this issue for good.

To be clear, if you already have an SSL certificate installed which is renewable annually, this does not replace that. But for sites that have no SSL and just have contact forms – this is the perfect solution. Installation is only $79 – and it is a one-time installation fee. No recurring fees for this solution.

Check out your options on our Website Security Programs here.

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